Wednesday, December 30, 2009

While in California - The Ocean

During my trip back to California, I managed to get one good day in of visiting with my best friend and her son Ian. She lives near Santa Cruz, which is a beach town and where we spent a lot of our summers on weekends while growing up as kids. The day I went to see her, it rained most of the day. However right after we had lunch! and OMG was it good, Strawberry Crapes YUM! we noticed a clearing in the clouds and the rain stopped. Well I mentioned going to the Beach to Ian and it was all over. He had his mind set that that's were we were going to go. For the 15 min's it took us to get to the beach, all he kept saying was 'beach.....beach..............beach......"

Well after we got to West Cliff Drive, we quickly found a parking spot and headed down to one of the beaches that do allow dogs. And then I took some pictures. I had also took a few pictures from inside their home while he was looking out the window covered in rain drops. Here are just a few.


  1. Our kids always loved going to the beach. Sounds like Ian enjoyed his time at the beach. Your lunch sounded yummy too....=)

    Love the photos of Ian looking out the rain drop covered window. Nice capture!

  2. Most excellent photographs. I love to see dogs and kids having a good time. The joy is contageous. Love your combo moon-beach piece. It sure is hard to walk away from that ocean esp when you know you are headed inland for a long time.

  3. Happy New Year...=)

    It's a quiet evening around here. Eric has gone to bed long before the clock strikes midnight and Meg and I are up eating popcorn and watching TV, waiting to ring in the new year.