Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Blizzard is coming....

Ok so today it snowed mostly all day and we have a good 2 inches right now, the grass blades in the lawns have been buried and there is nothing now but a nice white blanket of snow. Clayton went out on his lunch hour and bought a snow blower today at work, so he can blow himself out of the driveway tomorrow morning to get back to work. Not sure how he thinks he'll be able to drive through the snow on the roads around here, they don't get plowed till like 11AM. We are expecting to get 6-10 more inches of snow, with high winds and 40-45 mile an hour winds tomorrow afternoon. Whooo Hooo, can't wait till morning to see what it looks like out side. I'll post pictures in the morning if I can see anything but a snowy blurr. I'm a little excited; it's our first Blizzard together.


  1. Ah! You asked for it you got it! Hope you have an auto with some good traction to get through that weather. Subaru with all wheel drive is the car of choice in this part of the world. Hubby was converted after driving the one I bought for my work commute. I think Subaru is the state automobile for Wyoming :) Stay warm and stay out of those drifts!

  2. You two stay safe and warm! With winds like that roads could be closed due to very deep drifts! Probably best to stay home and wait it out. Keep us posted....can't wait to see some photos.