Tuesday, October 20, 2009

took too many pictures

I did it, I went snap happy and took way to many pictures. Now I am overwhelmed and can't decide on which ones to post. The fall colors were incredible. (yes were, they are all blaazae now) My mom came to visit for a week. We went so many places. I've got so much to post. I just don't know where to begin....

We went hiking at Rib Mountain

We went to the EAA Aire Venture Museum in Oshkosh

We went hiking at the Dells of Eau Claire

We took a boat tour at the Chain O'Lakes

We went on a Glacial Lake Cranberry tour - OH MY GOD wait till you see the pictures but just SO many

We went shopping the first day it SNOWED in October...we got an Inch of snow on October 12

We also went to Sandhill Wildlife Area and watched as the Sandhill Cranes came in for the night. (no good pictures though, they were flying and landing just a little too far away for any good shots) but you don't know how excited it was to hear all their calls. So prehistoric sounding they are...I didn't want to leave. they were literally just coming over the horizon by the dozens, hundreds...maybe even thousands


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  1. Wow! I thought you had dropped of the edge somewhere. Glad you are back! Looking forward to photos. Sandhill Cranes ARE amazing. A few flocks spend the summer near here and their calls are Loud and Weird.