Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I See Color Everywhere I Look

These were taken on a friends property Saturday Oct 3rd.
A group of us went for a hike in the woods while another group went touring the Artists Studios (Clayton and I did that the following day) The hike in the woods was nice, all the trees were identified, many types of Oaks, Pines, Maples, Birch etc....

I've been here before; a few postings ago September 12 I was there as well. This is Lake Joanis again in Stevens Point; also knows as Schmeeckle Reserve; No Mosquito's there this time...temps are getting cooler and they have almost gone away for the rest of the year.
Thought I'd go again to see how the progress of colors was coming along. I may have to go one more time....still lots of shades of green...

These two pictures below are on the Ice Age Trail. The trail head that starts right off County Road Z (between Krogwold and Z) The picture below is taken just over the bridge in the grove of trees there...right next to the one highlighted in the sun....

This was taken off the road along Krogwold Road
There were Turkeys in the field, but they ran into the trees when they saw me

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