Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Dirty Cows

I'm involved now with a group of photographers who are going out and photographing all the barns in Portage County. I only agreed to do this because I love taking pictures of almost anything. And Hey I like a nice looking barn just as well. I mean I've already taken a few just while out and about since I've been here. However since I've started I've been talking with a few other people also involved who know just a little bit more about barns, styles, histories, how they were made, differences in the ones built 100 - 150 years ago to 50 years ago...etc. WOW I never knew there are so many interesting features. I'll share some of the differences in features as I learn more, but today I just wanted to post a couple that I like and this one just so happens to have cows in front. The last two are actually built on stone boulders as their foundation.


  1. I love old barns so will look forward to your future posts and photos....=) The first photo is great with the Happy Dirty cows in means the barn is still used and loved...=) Love the second photo....the design is amazing! Great shots!

  2. Thanks for the fun barn pics. Those old buildings have such character. I have a soft spot in my heart for them as well. I've got a whole file of barn snapshots and I've given DH a moment or two of concern when I run onto some farmer's property with my camera without asking permission or looking for dogs. Now I try use better manners and be more careful.

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