Thursday, January 14, 2010

Going Ice Fishing

I'm excited, we have an opportunity to actually catch a fish (hopefully several) this weekend. Wish us luck and come Sunday evening I hope to have lots of fun images to share with lots of fish stung on a string, or at least one edible sized fish we can be proud of. Or a great story of the one that got away! or something!!!


  1. Very best wishes on the ice fishing. We love the flavor of trout caught in icy water--no muddy taste, just very fresh fillets of trout. Hope you dress very warm,especially boots and gloves. That's where I fail in that catgory. It stops being fun when pain becomes an issue. Let us know what happens!!

  2. Ice fishing sounds fun! Hope you catch a bunch! =) Love the angle of the photo! Be sure to let us know how the fishing goes!