Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet Butterfly

For the last week, I've been seeing this butterfly fluttering around the house, last week when I saw it for the first time (OK maybe not this exact one) but one that looked like this one, I thought to myself....Spring is in the air..... I've seen two other types of butterflies as well. This one the colors are just incredible. The lighting was hitting it just right...

While none of our trees have leaves sprouting out yet...they are getting really close to blooming.


  1. What a beautiful butterfly! I love the purple or blue against the brown of the wings. Did you look it up to see what kind it was?

  2. I actually did try looking it up, but gave up shortly after. There are so many different species of butterflies it’s unbelievable. There are 561 known butterfly species and 110 ecoregions in the U.S. and Canada. So then I started to think well maybe this is a moth. So I looked up the difference which I thought was interesting.

    A moth tends to be plump bodied usually active at night and rests with wings horizontal. The Antennas are feathery and the colors are mostly subdued.

    A Butterfly tends to be think bodied, usually active by day and rests with wings vertical. The antennas are thin with knobs and are often brightly colored.

    So this is a butterfly even thought the wings are open, while I was out there taking pictures most of the time they were up and I was just waiting for them to go down for the picture…and also his antennas are thin with knobs.

    If anyone can find the name of this specific species, please let me know.